Labrador Retriever Jeannie


Photo last updated 06 Feb 2015

Hi, I'm Jeannie !!
Look at me
I am a Labrador Retriever and a bit mischief
born and raised in Tokyo
my hometown.
I enjoy life to the fullest
may you be a part of it !?

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But I am not usually idle.
I help out with dad and mom's housework often.
And I can manage many of my own affairs.
Please see what I do, from the movie !

Picking up and holding ! Get your bag !
Put ball in the basket and .... Sun is glaring in the window.
Closed door...need it be checked ? Getting her meal and then ....
Orders for cleaning feet. Where has dads cap gone ?
Pull off my socks ! Nose tricks.
Hold until told what to do ! Which side is which ?
Let's go for a walk.

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